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Zanae - Vine Leaves in Brine - 430g

Zanae - Vine Leaves in Brine - 430g

About the product: Tender vine leaves (ambelofylla, ampelofilla), which have been harversted in springtime, maintaining their special features in brine. 

INGREDIENTS: Vine leaves, Water, Salt, Acidifying agent: citric agent.

About the company: ZANAE, a purely Greek company, is one of the largest and fastest growing food industries. In 1930, it began operating in Thessaloniki as a bakery yeast industry. Since then, it has expanded into the production of canned goods, ready to serve meals and processed tomato. Whatever the changes throughout the years, the company remains steadfastly committed to a basic principle: to deliver the best, finest quality products to you.

Instructions: Use them to create the traditional greek "ntolmadaki": vine leaves stuffed with rice.

(Greek: αμπελόφυλλα σε άλμη)

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