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Zanae - Crushed Peeled Tomatoes (Concase) - 400g

Zanae - Crushed Peeled Tomatoes (Concase) - 400g

About the product: This non-concentrated product results from clean, freshly harvested, red ripened, peeled, chopped tomatoes where part of seeds has been removed. It does not contain any preservatives. 

About the company: ZANAE, a purely Greek company, is one of the largest and fastest growing food industries. In 1930, it began operating in Thessaloniki as a bakery yeast industry. Since then, it has expanded into the production of canned goods, ready to serve meals and processed tomato. Whatever the changes throughout the years, the company remains steadfastly committed to a basic principle: to deliver the best, finest quality products to you.

Instructions: Perfect for red pasta sauce or the process of cooking meat. Add to various recipes, such as giant beans, peas or flat beans casserole.

(Greek: κονκασέ)

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