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Voion - Black-eyed beans (Mavrofasoula) - 400g

Voion - Black-eyed beans (Mavrofasoula) - 400g

About the product: Black eyed beans are small in size and beige color with black eye. Humbly but valuable from a dietary point of view, black-eyed beans offer lots of good to the body. Rich in flavor and aroma are ideal for salads.

About the company:  Western Macedonia, focusing on the plateau of Voion, has a long tradition in the cultivation of legumes. The experience of the producers, the exceptional Greek varieties, the cultivation at an altitude of over 600m, the cold winters and the mild long spring, the know-how of the company, are combined to give products of unique taste, rich in proteins and minerals, with a short cooking time, special aromas and excellent taste.

Instructions: Simply boil the black-eyed beans and enjoy as a cold dish together with the vegetables of your preference.

(Greek: μαυροφάσουλα)

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