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Voion - Basmati Rice - 500g

Voion - Basmati Rice - 500g

About the product: Best Greek Medium grain rice is cultivated in valley of Strumona River. The microclimate and soil composition provide ideal conditions for growing high-quality rice with excellent taste. Proper sunshine, right moisture levels further contribute to good plant development.

About the company:  Western Macedonia, focusing on the plateau of Voion, has a long tradition in the cultivation of legumes. The experience of the producers, the exceptional Greek varieties, the cultivation at an altitude of over 600m, the cold winters and the mild long spring, the know-how of the company, are combined to give products of unique taste, rich in proteins and minerals, with a short cooking time, special aromas and excellent taste.

Instructions: Accompany your main dishes with this delicious rice.

(Greek: ρύζι μπασμάτι)

Voion - Basmatirijst - 500g