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Violanta - Family Biscuits Filled with Strawberry - 300g

Violanta - Family Biscuits Filled with Strawberry - 300g

About the product: Traditional cookies and petit-four filled biscuits together with new innovative products, packed in modern family size… or exuberant individual boxes!

About the company: Violanta history starts from a neighborhood bakery located in the city of Trikala at the center of Greece. Over the years they have developed and grown the product range, adding many different flavors . Today they possess a wide range of 130 products, gaining the reputation of a quality and inspirational producer of cookies and biscuits, with potential for large-scale production, but always keeping their top quality standards.

Instructions: A sweet delight to treat your friends or enjoy with your coffee.

(Greek: μπισκότα γεμιστά με φράουλα)

Violanta - Familiekoekjes Gevuld met Aardbei - 300g