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Velouitinos - Black Olives Throumpa with Thyme BIO - 180g

Velouitinos - Black Olives Throumpa with Thyme BIO - 180g

About the product: Velouitinos Olive Throumpa Thassou with Thyme. Product of Organic Farming.

About the company: The company was formed in 2001 when the love for nature, ecology and a healthier lifestyle, took shape in the northern Aegean island, the evergreen Thassos. Since then, the cultivation of Thassos olive (Olea europea var. Thassos Throuba), is made exclusively with organic farming standards without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The company also processes and packages its fruit in order to produce mainly two products, table olives and olive oil, while it processes and packages other varieties of olives as well.

Instructions: Serve as side dish or use in your favorite recipes.

(Greek: ελιά θρούμπα με θυμάρι)

Velouitinos - Zwarte Olijven Throumpa met Tijm BIO - 180g