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Varmazis - Tropical Sweet & Hot Sauce - 100ml

Varmazis - Tropical Sweet & Hot Sauce - 100ml

About the product: 

  • Hot fruit sauce of superior quality.
  • Fresh product with fruity and fruity flavour spicy taste.
  • Brown sugar, pineapple, mango, ginger, create a rich, sweet and full-bodied aromas, slightly spicy sauce that can give an exotic and spicy character to any dish and creation of the kitchen.
  • Mild to medium burn.

Sweet and hot sauce with fresh tropical fruits. Pineapple, mango, lime, apple cider vinegar, ginger and brown sugar create a rich, sweet and full of flavor, slightly hot sauce that can give an exotic and spice engrave to every dish and creation of your kitchen. Unique delight with exotic flavor.

  • Certified seeds
  • Superior quality products
  • Greek product made in Greece, Serres
  • Contracts with specialised producers
  • Specialist agronomists
  • Harvesting and processing are carried out on the same day
  • Certified production process (FSCC ISO 22000)
  • Laboratory tests
  • Long shelf life 

About the company: Varmazis company produces, for the first time in Greece and with great results, hot red pepper and green pepper sauce. Our long experience in the food service industry inspired us to produce our sauce, thus filling an existing gap in the Greek market for those who love spicy food.

Instructions: Either as an accompaniment, or as a dressing but mixed with yogurt and mayonnaise or other base, gives character to salads, hot and cold dishes. Try is with chicken, red meat or shrimp.

(Greek: γλυκοκαυτερή σάλτσα)

Varmazis - Tropische Zoete & Pikante Saus - 100ml