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Varmazis - Teriyaki Sauce - 250ml

Varmazis - Teriyaki Sauce - 250ml

About the product: Teriyaki sauce is a strong Japanese sauce with strong flavors that combine sweet and savory elements. 

About the company: Varmazis company produces, for the first time in Greece and with great results, hot red pepper and green pepper sauce. Our long experience in the food service industry inspired us to produce our sauce, thus filling an existing gap in the Greek market for those who love spicy food.

Instructions: Teriaki can be used as a sauce or as a marinade. Fish and especially salmon go perfectly with it. Sauteed vegetables and tofu are a great choice for vegans. It is the perfect ingredient for a frying pan with chicken, pork or beef and accompanied by noodles.

(Greek: τεριγιάκι σως)

Varmazis - Teriyakisaus - 250ml