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Varmazis - Soy Sauce - 250ml

Varmazis - Soy Sauce - 250ml

About the product: Soy sauce has a very characteristic, salty taste and dark brown color. It is the number one spice for hundreds of recipes around the world, while its concentrated taste gives an authentic exotic hue to every food that contains it. 

About the company: Varmazis company produces, for the first time in Greece and with great results, hot red pepper and green pepper sauce. Our long experience in the food service industry inspired us to produce our sauce, thus filling an existing gap in the Greek market for those who love spicy food.

Instructions: Ready to use as a marinade in meat and poultry, as a flavor enhancer for vegetables, pasta, meat and poultry both in cooking and serving. We give aroma and color to the food (during cooking), whether it is an oven or a pot or pan. To reduce the strong odor of raw seafood and fish (eg sushi in Japanese cuisine).

(Greek: σόγια σως)

Varmazis - Sojasaus - 250ml