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Varmazis - Liquid Smoke - 100ml

Varmazis - Liquid Smoke - 100ml

About the product: Smoke aroma prepared with liquid tobacco from controlled cracking of freshly cut wood. Water soluble liquid formulation with dark brown color. It replaces the old way of smoking, that is, setting fire to wood, with many advantages and ease of use. Perfect cooking for oven, charcoal or gas BBQ. 

About the company: Varmazis company produces, for the first time in Greece and with great results, hot red pepper and green pepper sauce. Our long experience in the food service industry inspired us to produce our sauce, thus filling an existing gap in the Greek market for those who love spicy food.

Instructions: Marinate the steaks, pork or chicken. On the burger or even on the hot-dog. Great for spices, sauces, roasted beans, salads, crackers, seafood, eggs or poultry or wherever you like the taste of tobacco!

(Greek: άρωμα καπνού)

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