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Vantana - Tentura Classic (Liquer of Patras) - 700ml

Vantana - Tentura Classic (Liquer of Patras) - 700ml

Since the founding of the distillery in 1904, Panayiotis Vantanas manufactures tentoura. The Tentura Vantana Classic, made with traditional extraction cinnamon, clove and small mystikon.

Patra is famous for tentura of the name comes from the words 'teinture' the 'tintura'. The Patras old and was called 'moskovolithra'. Soon the rumor spread in the Ellada.
The classic recipe 'tentura Vantana' characterized by its wonderful flavor and pleasant aromas highlights. Served anytime, plain or with ice, with soda or tonic and combined in cocktails. Especially after lunch - and having digestive properties - is enjoyable at 6-12 ˚ C.

Comes with nuts, fruit and pastries.

Vantana - Tentura Classic (likeur van Patras) - 700ml