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Bakaliko Line - Handmade Tsoureki Politiko - 450g

Bakaliko Line - Handmade Tsoureki Politiko - 450g

About the product: Artisanal Greek soft baked Tsoureki, fluffy, with a beautiful brown semi-soft crust and an amazing stringy texture. Taste the superb sweet aroma of mastic and nutty aroma of mahlepi! Locally produced for Bakaliko in Northern Greece, close to Mount Paiko, with the highest quality raw materials by our artisanal bakery with 20 years of experience in the making of this tsoureki. 

What is Tsoureki? 

Tsoureki is a traditional Greek Easter bread. It is made from a yeasted rich sweet dough, very similar to brioche, but it is flavored with two distinct spices – mahlepi and mastic gum. Orange zest and cardamon are also commonly used to flavor tsoureki. 

If you’ve never tried tsoureki before, you are missing out! We would never turn down a slice (or two) of warm fresh baked tsoureki! It’s soft and fluffy, with a beautiful crust and a stringy texture. It’s slightly sweet, buttery, and flavored with aromatic spices.

(Greek: τσουρέκι πολίτικο)

Note: The packaging of this product is a transparent plastic bag with one item inside.

Bakaliko Line - Handgemaakte Tsoureki Politiko - 450g