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Tsatsakis - Barley Rusks Rolls (Kritharokouloura) - 600g

Tsatsakis - Barley Rusks Rolls (Kritharokouloura) - 600g

About the product: 'Kritharokouloura' traditional whole grain (barley flour whole grain - olikis alesews) barley rusk rolls or, Paksimadi, the double-baked bread of Crete, rich in beneficial ingredients, constitutes one of the pillars of the renowned Cretan Diet.

About the company: The company began its activities as a family bakery in 1998 in the Stavrakia village near Heraklion, Greece, by five brothers of Tsatsakis family. It specializes in the production of a wide range of bakery products (breadsticks, crisps, cookies, croutons, rusks) including traditional Cretan rusks based on Mediterranean diet.

Instructions: Create you own Cretan 'Dakos'.  Lightly wet the paximádi with water and serve with tomato, onion, feta, olive oil and spices (preferably oregano).

(Greek: κριθαροκούλουρα)

Tsatsakis - Broodjes Gerst Beschuit (Kritharokouloura) - 600g