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Tsatsakis - Cretan Paximadi with Olive Oil (Barley Rusks) - 400g

Tsatsakis - Cretan Paximadi with Olive Oil (Barley Rusks) - 400g

About the product: These authentic Cretan rusks with extra virgin olive oil are made in a family bakery using a traditional recipe and pure ingredients. 

About the company: The company began its activities as a family bakery in 1998 in the Stavrakia village near Heraklion, Greece, by five brothers of Tsatsakis family. It specializes in the production of a wide range of bakery products (breadsticks, crisps, cookies, croutons, rusks) including traditional Cretan rusks based on Mediterranean diet.

Instructions: These rusks can be added to soups, used as an alternative to bread or as a salad topping. They can be also featured in the traditional Dakos salad found on the island of Crete. Please note, these rusks are supposed to be hard. They are not stale. You can soften them with water, oil and vinegar or broth before eating. 

(Greek: παξιμαδάκι ελαιόλαδου τύπου Κυθήρων) 

Tsatsakis - Kretenzische Paximadi met olijfolie (gerstbeschuit) - 400g