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Tresors De Grece - Tahini Peeled Sesame Butter from Limnos (non GMO) - 200g

Tresors De Grece - Tahini Peeled Sesame Butter from Limnos (non GMO) - 200g

About the product: This tahini is produced and packed in Lemnos island (Greece) from 100% Greek peeled sesame seeds (no imported sesame). Is a 100% natural spread made of ground sesame seeds. The word tahini is derived from the Arabic verb “to grind”. Sesame butter is extremely nutritious and healthy. It is an ideal alternative for animal proteins and peanut butter. It has a high content in vitamins (B1 and B2), calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, Omega 3 fatty acids and natural fibres.  Sesame butter is free of sugar, salt, cholesterol, flavour enhancers, preservatives or any additives.

GT 19 1 star Organic Kalamata olive pâté from Evia 180g logo gmo Tahini peeled  from Lemnos 200g  logo vegan Tahini peeled  from Lemnos 200g


100% peeled ground SESAME seeds


Trans fat, salt

Great Taste Awards 2017 (UK) 1 star:

"A good consistency and the roasted sesame flavour comes through distinctively. An honest, clean product that does what it needs to."

"This has the right texture and a good clear sesame flavour."

About the company: The company has specialized in Fine Food Import & Trade since 1992. Driven by their passion for fine food, they capitalized on their experience, formed strategic alliances with small producers and selected the best raw material. All products are produced & packed in Greece, with 100% Greek raw material, traditional recipes, and minimum (or zero) industrial processing, preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers.
They are Certified Vegan / Vegetarian, Organic (BIO), Non-GMO and ISO22000.
All packaging material is recyclable and re-usable.

Instructions: Spread it on freshly-toasted pita (or bread), mixed with Greek honey (TIP: spread the honey first and then the sesame butter!). Mix it with cocoa to make a healthy chocolate spread. Make mouth-watering dips with garlic and lemon.

(Greek: ταχίνι)

Tresors de Grece - Tahini gepelde Sesam boter uit Limnos (non GMO) - 200g