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Tresors De Grece - Rye Croutons from Crete Island - 300g

Tresors De Grece - Rye Croutons from Crete Island - 300g

About the product : Is the Greek word for baked bread crackers. It is pronounced pa-xee-má-dee. Our rye croutons are hand-made in Crete, with a traditional family-recipe. They are baked in the oven (and not fried). They are tasty, healthy & crunchy.

SERVE : with Greek Feta cheese, diced tomatoes, olive-oil, capers, oregano and olive oil; also with finely sliced Italian hams, or smoked salmon. Use them in salads and soups – as healthy “croutons”. Make appetizers with caviar, olive-pate or foie gras. Enjoy them for breakfast with butter or tahini, and honey or marmalade.

AWARDS : Great Taste Award 2018 (UK) 2 stars
Table 5: What a pretty product. A mini loaf of crispness which delivers a really positive mouth feel and experience. The crisp bite allows the aroma and flavour of the rye to fill your mouth with a sweetness you expect from the grain. A really lovely product. Table 99L: On the surface, a very ordinary looking crouton but as soon as it hits the palate, it dissolves to reveal great depth, Rye is coming through with all sorts of baked notes, light, crisp and delicate.

CERTIFIED : Non-GMO, Vegan logo gmo Rye croutons from Crete 300glogo vegan Rye croutons from Crete 300gGT 19 2 star Rye croutons from Crete 300g

ZERO trans fat, animal fat, preservatives, flavour enhancers.

INGREDIENTS : wholegrain rye flour 60%, wheat flour, rye sourdough (rye flour, yeast, water) olive pomace oil, salt, yeast, water. Produced & packed in Crete island – Greece.

ALLERGENS : flour (contains gluten), traces of sesame seeds or nuts.