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Tresors De Grece - Organic Green Olive Pate from Evia (BIO) - 180g

Tresors De Grece - Organic Green Olive Pate from Evia (BIO) - 180g

About the product: Organic (BIO), pate from Green Kalamon Olives. Unusually thick & tasty with a high content in organic Kalamata olives, and a unique recipe, produced & packaged in Evia, Greece.

Greek olives carefully selected, processed naturally without the use of caustic soda. Matured slowly for minimum 6 months. 100% Natural – Organic (BIO) product without any additives or preservatives.

 logo organic Organic Kalamata olive pâté from Evia 180g   logo gmo Organic Kalamata olive pâté from Evia 180g   logo vegan Organic Kalamata olive pâté from Evia 180g

Organic, Non-GMO, VEGAN

Trans fat, sugar, additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers.

Green live-paste* (95.9%), sea-salt (3.5%), acidity regulator (lactic acid) (0.6%)
*Product of organic farming.

None of the below allergens are present in the product, nor are they used in the same facilities: Eggs, milk; Peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts; Buckwheat, soybean, wheat; Mackerel, crab, shrimp, squid, shellfish (including oysters, abalone, mussels); Pork, chicken, beef; Peach, tomato; Sulfurous acid

About the company: The company has specialized in Fine Food Import & Trade since 1992. Driven by their passion for fine food, they capitalized on their experience, formed strategic alliances with small producers and selected the best raw material. All products are produced & packed in Greece, with 100% Greek raw material, traditional recipes, and minimum (or zero) industrial processing, preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers.
They are Certified Vegan / Vegetarian, Organic (BIO), Non-GMO and ISO22000.
All packaging material is recyclable and re-usable.

Instructions: Spread it on toasted bread or Cretan bread-crackers. Make delicious dips and appetizers. Try it in pasta sauces, salad dressings or as pizza topping.

(Greek: βιολογικό πατέ από πράσινες ελιές)

Tresors de Grece - Biologische Groene Olijven Paté van Evia (BIO) - 180g