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Tresors De Grece - Greek Organic Thyme BIO (hand-picked) - 35g

Tresors De Grece - Greek Organic Thyme BIO (hand-picked) - 35g

About the product: 100% natural organic (BIO), hand-picked Greek Thyme (thymari), without any kind of additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Thyme is very popular in the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. It is also a medicinal plant with antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Thyme is also adored by bees for producing thyme honey!

logo organic Organic Oregano from N. Greece 35g logo gmo Organic Oregano from N. Greece 35g logo vegan Organic Oregano from N. Greece 35g

Zero: No additives, no preservatives, no chemicals, no flavour-enhancers.
Certified: Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan

About the company: The company has specialized in Fine Food Import & Trade since 1992. Driven by their passion for fine food, they capitalized on their experience, formed strategic alliances with small producers and selected the best raw material. All products are produced & packed in Greece, with 100% Greek raw material, traditional recipes, and minimum (or zero) industrial processing, preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers.
They are Certified Vegan / Vegetarian, Organic (BIO), Non-GMO and ISO22000.
All packaging material is recyclable and re-usable.

Instructions: Marinate meat, poultry and fish. Sprinkle it on tomatoes and feta cheese. Ideal for pizza and pasta sauces. Give flavour to all pulses. Combine it with Greek olive-oil and lemon for an original Greek vinaigrette.

(Greek: βιολογικό θυμάρι)

Tresors de Grece - Griekse Biologische Tijm (handgeplukt) - 35g