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Trata - Anchovies With Oregano In Vegetable Oil (Gavros) - 100g

Trata - Anchovies With Oregano In Vegetable Oil (Gavros) - 100g

About the product: Trata anchovies are carefully selected from fresh catch. They are meticulously cleaned, quality assured and canned. They are cooked lightly so as to retain their crispy and tender flesh, which is full of natural nutrients. The added oregano and light vegetable oil along with the natural aromas of fresh anchovies create a unique and flavorful product.

The anchovies are mainly fished in the waters of Northern Aegean. The unique conditions and the biodiversity present in their natural habitat and their diet are the reasons behind their superior quality, light, tender and flavorful flesh without scales.

About the company: This brand has been popular since the seventies for the quality and great variety of canned fish that it provides, recently adding frozen and chilled seafood as well. There has to be some product of Trata company that has won a place in your heart and at your family’s table.

Instructions: The perfect "meze" for your ouzo or tsipouro.

(Greek: γαύρος ριγανάτος σε φυτικό λάδι)

Trata - Ansjovis Met Oregano In Plantaardige Olie (Gavros) - 100g