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To Manna - Biscotti Orange - 160g

To Manna - Biscotti Orange - 160g

About the product: Orange flavored Biscotti with olive oil. Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D. The BISCOTTI product is an innovative product of the "Manna" product line. These are cookies with a remarkable content of olive oil, which have very special and important nutritional characteristics.

About the company: With love and perseverance ever since 1948, the company has continued to offer Greece and the world “the Manna” Tsatsaronaki Cretan barley rusks. They were the first packaged rusk company in the Greek market and this is how they intend to continue: Offering highly nutritional products that provide the ideal basis for proper and balanced nutrition.

Instructions: The perfect cookie to accompany your coffee.

(Greek: μπισκότα με πορτοκάλι και ελαιόλαδο)

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