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To Manna - Cretan Barley Rusks (Kritharenia) - 400g

To Manna - Cretan Barley Rusks (Kritharenia) - 400g

About the product: Barley rusks have even been recommended for pharmaceutical use because of the multiple healing properties of the fibre they contain. In the package, you will find large rusks with an extremely tough and crisp texture, and an almost irregular shape as the rusks are hand cut. 

About the company: With love and perseverance ever since 1948, the company has continued to offer Greece and the world “the Manna” Tsatsaronaki Cretan barley rusks. They were the first packaged rusk company in the Greek market and this is how they intend to continue: Offering highly nutritional products that provide the ideal basis for proper and balanced nutrition.

Instructions: It is ideal both as an accompaniment and as a main meal, and is a sufficient meal when garnished with fresh tomato, olive oil, feta or myzithra cheese, oregano, olives or whatever else you want. It can be eaten dry or wet. Place it under running water at normal temperature for a few seconds (5” is enough) so that the rusk softens but is not spoiled and doesn’t lose any of its crispness – this distinctive feature is due to the large amount of insoluble plant fibre it contains, such as large ground bran pieces, which absorbs 3 times its weight in water.

(Greek: κρητικά παξιμάδια κριθαρένια ολικής άλεσης)

To Manna - Kretenzische Gerst Beschuit (Kritharenia) - 400g