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Thalassa Spices - Feta Cheese Seasoning - 40g

Thalassa Spices - Feta Cheese Seasoning - 40g

About the company: Thalassa spices is a Greek company, based in Veria, Imathia, Central Macedonia. It was founded in 2016, with the aim of highlighting new flavors in everyday cooking, providing quality products. It is active in the processing, packaging and marketing of spices and mixtures. For the preparation of the mixtures, excellent quality spices rich in aromas are selected and used, as well as exceptional Greek aromatic herbs. With its range of spice mixes, it covers almost all your culinary concerns.

(Greek: μείγμα μπαχαρικών για φέτα και μπουγιουρντί)

Thalassa Spices - Feta Kaas Kruiden - 40g