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Steiakakis - Cretan Sour Mizithra Cheese (Xinomizithra) - 250g

Steiakakis - Cretan Sour Mizithra Cheese (Xinomizithra) - 250g

About the product: Sour Mizithra (Xinomizithra) is a soft fresh cheese traditionally made in Crete, Greece. It has a slightly sour taste and a very bright white nuance. It has a creamy full texture and melts in the mouth.

About the company: The Steiakaki family since 1952 and for 3 generations continues in state-of-the-art facilities the production of excellent products in the traditional way, without preservatives. It has as raw material the local milk that is collected daily from the area of Messara in the prefecture of Heraklion, Crete.

Instructions: Use it to fill some small pies, bake and enjoy!

(Greek: ξινομυζήθρα)

Steiakakis - Kretenzische Zure Mizithra Kaas (Xinomizithra) - 250g