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Steiakakis - Cretan Graviera Cheese - 250g

Steiakakis - Cretan Graviera Cheese - 250g

About the product: Graviera is one of the most famous cheeses of Crete, it is a ripening cheese and one of the three Cretan cheeses of protected designation of origin (PDO). Produced from fresh pasteurized goat's and sheep's milk (up to 10% goat's milk) with the traditional way of production. The milk comes from sheep that graze freely in the mountain pastures of Crete.

It matures for at least three months in suitable temperature and humidity conditions. Maturation time is important for its taste and aromas, it is also preferable to consume it at room temperature.

This Graviera from Steiakakis family has won multiple prestigious awards and it is a A' Premium Class graviera cheese.

About the company: The Steiakaki family since 1952 and for 3 generations continues in state-of-the-art facilities the production of excellent products in the traditional way, without preservatives. It has as raw material the local milk that is collected daily from the area of Messara in the prefecture of Heraklion, Crete.

Instructions: For cooking, you can substitute any firm, buttery cheese, but the flavor won't be exactly the same. It can be also placed on a cheese plateau that accompanies your wine.

(Greek: γραβιέρα Κρήτης)


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Steiakakis - Kretenzische Graviera Kaas - 250g