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Allatini - Kings Soft Cookie - Dark Chocolate Chunks - 180g

Allatini - Kings Soft Cookie - Dark Chocolate Chunks - 180g

About the product: Soft Kings Allatini were launched in 1999 and were the first and the only ''big and soft'' Cookie in the Greek market and beyond. A surprise from the brand Allatini, which by combining the soft texture in a cookie with the rich chocolate flavor, made Soft Kings synonymous with absolute enjoyment! A playful taste for the discerning chocolate lovers.

The Allatini In Passion range is based on unique flavour combinations with fine ingredients and creative ideas that give us rich taste experiences. All products are offered in individual portions that do not exceed 250 calories. Unlimited pleasure, counted calories.
Irresistible Allatini Kings Soft Cookie, in creative flavor combinations that we can enjoy with passion and with only one limit, the one we set.

SOFTKINGS Koekjes - Pure Choco