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Chasiotis - Carob Pitas (Xaroupaleuro) - 10pcs

Chasiotis - Carob Pitas (Xaroupaleuro) - 10pcs

About the product: Greek Pitas (dark colored) made from Carob flour (Xaroupaleuro). Carob comes from a pod of a tree of the same name, which is native to the Mediterranean. The ripe pods contain a sweet pulp that is dried, roasted, and then ground into a powder, otherwise known as carob flour. 

About the company: Pita Bread Chasioti has the state of the art equipment that allows the company to meet the client’s requirements. The company holds a costumer portfolio that comprises the largest well known grill houses and restaurants in the areas of Attica and Messogia. Since 2004, it expanded internationally, exporting to several countries.

Instructions:  Defrost the pita bread and either fry it on a pan with oil or bake it in the oven. 

Pita can be used to scoop sauces or dips, such as hummus, or to wrap kebabs, gyros or falafel in the manner of sandwiches. It can also be cut and baked into crispy pita chips.  The pita breads may be used as toast bread or as a substitute for the regular bread. You may also create a double stuffed pita bread: Place the ingredients of your choice between two pitas and bake in the oven grill or the toaster.

(Greek: πίτα από χαρουπάλευρο)

Shipping note: This is initially a frozen product but can be delivered defrosted in refrigeration, ready to be consumed. Including it in your order makes the order possible to be delivered (and subscribed) only in the destinations mentioned in our Shipping page.

Chasiotis - Griekse Johannesbrood pitas (Carob) - 10st