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Papathanasiou - Traditional Spread Cheese (Tsalafouti) - 180g

Papathanasiou - Traditional Spread Cheese (Tsalafouti) - 180g

About the product : Tsalafouti, in the area of mountainous Trichonida, where Papathanasiou's cheese dairy is based, and in the rest of the region stretching from Aitoloakarnania to Evritania, was called katiki.
Today, however, the name 'tsalafouti' has prevailed nationwide.

This creamy Papathanasiou cheese, made from sheep and goat's milk, presents the tradition of the place in all its glory. Its main characteristics are its dense, velvety and pleasant texture.

Use : Spread it on a slice of warm yeast bread and it takes you to the peaks of the Panetolian Mountains or to Velouchi in Karpenisi. OK, you can also spread it on dakos or rusk, but its primordial taste only "awakens" with rustic bread. The uses of "Tsalafuti Papathanasiou" are many such as in salads, pasta, sauces or pies.

A nice idea is as a dip for French fries.

No matter how you use it, its subacidic aromas, its freshness and the... history of the mountains of the region will always be there.

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