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Papathanasiou - Kefalograviera Cheese (PDO Orini Trichonida) - 250g

Papathanasiou - Kefalograviera Cheese (PDO Orini Trichonida) - 250g

About the product: Papathanasiou Kefalograviera is a traditional hard PDO cheese from Aetolia-Acarnania, which the Papathanasiou family has put great care into producing exclusively from pasteurised sheep and goat milk deriving from selected free-range flocks grazing in the verdant region of mountainous Trichonida. It is slightly more spicy than graviera, with a buttery flavour and sandy-beige colour. It matures in a natural environment for three months and acquires a wonderful rich aroma that becomes even stronger as the cheese stays at room temperature, before being consumed.

About the company: The Papathanasiou cheese factory produced its first cheese in 1987. It has been 30 years since then, but their passion, love and dedication to the history and tradition of the products they make have remained unchanged.

Throughout the years, Papathanasiou has maintained its family-run character and has made a series of important investments, the most important being the creation of new, modern facilities on the 8-kilometre mark on the Agrinio-Karpenisi road.

Instructions: Consume as side dish or appetizer.

(Greek: κεφαλογραβιέρα)

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Papathanasiou - Kefalograviera Kaas (BOB Orini Trichonida) - 250g