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Papadopoulou - Traditional Rusk with Sesame - 240g

Papadopoulou - Traditional Rusk with Sesame - 240g

About the product: When living in the city, not much reminds us of the authentic characteristics of a village! Fortunately, there are still some tastes left to remind us of them, like PAPADOPOULOS Traditional Rusks. All the flavor of rustic bread in your favorite traditional rusks.

Production process: Cereal flour and oat flakes are mixed with water and fresh yeast. The stage of first rise and fermentation follows, during which the dough slowly rises, in order to acquire its unique texture and taste. Then the dough is stretched, floured, folded and baked to create a nice traditional loaf of bread! The loaf is cut into slices and then toasted.

The rich taste of sesame seeds in combination with the yeast, give Papadopoulou Traditional Rusks a full, hearty flavour.

About the company: Since 1922, the company’s tasteful and highly nutritional products have been capturing consumers’ hearts. The company owns four production sites in different areas of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Oinofyta), as well as a central warehouse in the west of Attica (Aspropyrgos area). It is the leader in the biscuit industry and a strong player in the bread substitute segment.

Instructions: Spread some jam or honey on a rusk and enjoy a nutritious breakfast. Also use as a more healthy substitute of bread in your main meals.

(Greek: χωριάτικες φρυγανιές με σουσάμι)

Papadopoulou - Traditionele Beschuit met Sesam - 240g