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Alpha Estate - Omega | Malagouzia (White Sweet Wine) - 500ml

Alpha Estate - Omega | Malagouzia (White Sweet Wine) - 500ml

Variety Composition:
Gewürztraminer 85%, Malagouzia 15%.

Region / Location / Vineyard:
Amyndeon plateau. Amyndeon viticulture zone. North – Western Macedonia. "Horses" single vineyard, at an altitude of 690 meters, with Northwest orientation, facing mount Voras. 69ha of Linear, privately owned vineyard situated at an altitude of 620-710m.

Vinification Method & Ageing:
Controlled alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks with cooling jackets, maintenance of wine "sur lie" for nine months with regular stirring. Twelve months in Allie - Bertrange oak casks medium toast and a further twelve months in the bottle.

Tasting Characteristics:
Allowing the fruit to stay on the vine and dehydrate intensifies aromas and flavours to the point of perfection. Is a full body, full flavoured wine exhibiting rose-petals, pear and apricot character, and the spicy floral aromas of the Gewurztraminer grape. The residual sugar is well balanced by acidity, so that the overall effect is refreshing, neither cloying nor tart. This wine has a pleasant, long finish.

It is superb served all by itself, or excellent with a wide variety of white fruity based desserts, like fruit tarts, fruit cakes, pavlovas and others. Greek syrupy desserts like revani, galaktomboureko (milk cream & philo pastry pie) and nutty baklava. Blue Cheeses of all kinds and foie gras are well paired with. 

Best served at 10ο C (50 ο F).

Alpha Estate - Omega | Malagouzia (Witte Zoete Wijn) - 500ml