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Olympos - Honey (Anthomelo) - 850g

Olympos - Honey (Anthomelo) - 850g

About the product: Honey “Olympos” is an exclusive blend of floral (Anthomelo) honeys, with the exceptionally well-balanced taste and aroma. A relatively new addition to the range of Olympos products.

Although they have been using honey as an ingredient for years now they have never tried to put it on the market. This has changed recently and the response from customers was immediate and extremely positive. They appraised the honey, its perfect quality and organoleptic characteristics.

About the company: Olympos is a brand of “PAPAYIANNIS BROS S.A. HALVA PRODUCERS OF GREECE” company, which was founded in 1949 in Larissa, Central Greece. It was – and still remains – a family enterprise producing mainly sesame halva, a traditional sweet of the Levant hugely popular in the whole Mediterranean region, but also other sesame products like tahini.

Instructions: This full of nutrients honey is perfect to be used as a spread on your breakfast bread, to be added in greek yoghurt as a dessert, or in various recipes.

(Greek: ανθόμελο)

Olympos - Honing (Anthomelo) - 850g