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Olymp - Aegean Marinated Olives - 250g

Olymp - Aegean Marinated Olives - 250g

About the product: If you are looking for a mediterranean snack or starter, try the Aegean Marinated Olives. Made with green olives, red peppers and a marinade of oil, lemon, herbs and spices, Aegean Marinated Olives are perfect for snacking, entertaining or for a delicious gift.

Produced in Greece with the finest olives. Aegean Marinated Olives are made from the famous green olives cultivated in Greece. The olives are processed in a way that retains all the natural characteristics of the fruit.

About the company: Konstantopoulos S.A. “Olymp” is a world leading exporter of Greek table olives and extra virgin olive oil with more than 60 years of experience. By engaging in close cooperation with more than 5,000 selected producers around Greece, they source the finest olive varieties and process them in a wide array of styles and forms to give their customers exceptional choice. 

Instructions: Enjoy the crispy texture and great taste. These marinated olives are an authentic Greek appetiser to enjoy all year round. Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

Add Aegean Marinated Olives to tomato salads, pasta sauces, sandwiches, pizza, omelets, stews for extra flavour; serve along with cured meat and cheese to make a delicious antipasti platter; or serve them when having cocktails before dinner.

(Greek: πράσινες ελιές μαριναρισμένες με λεμόνι και βότανα)

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