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NOYNOY - Noulac Condensed Milk - 400g

NOYNOY - Noulac Condensed Milk - 400g

About the product: Noulac, with the NUNOU quality guarantee, is an enriched, concentrated milk and is indicated for infants from the 6th month, as part of a mixed diet.
The special composition of Noulac is specially designed to provide, in the ideal proportions, all the essential nutrients that contribute to better physical and mental development and to strengthen the body's defences.
Noulac, as part of the daily diet, with its advanced composition, contributes to the qualitative and quantitative coverage of the nutritional needs of infants. It is enriched with vitamin C and contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential for the rapidly developing infant's body.

Instructions for use: WARNING: Incorrect preparation, storage and use can endanger your baby's health.Do not misuse, misuse, or misuse of the product in any way may cause unsafe or unsafe conditions. It should not be used as a substitute for breastfeeding in infants 0-6 months of age.

Instructions for use/storage. Dilute 1 part milk to 1 part boiled water. This will give you a glass of milk with 3.1% fat.
Store in a cool, dry place.After opening, store in the refrigerator.

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