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NOYNOY - Farine Lactee (Baby cream) - 300g

NOYNOY - Farine Lactee (Baby cream) - 300g

About the product: Farine Lactee Nounou, wheat flour and milk, is a well-balanced supplementary food for babies after 6 months. It contains essential vitamins and minerals in ideal proportions that help in proper development of infants and young children. It contains gluten.

Rich in Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D that contribute to healthy bone growth. Rich in Vitamins A and D, which contribute to the good functioning of the immune system. Rich in Vitamin B1 and a source of Vitamin B6 and B2 necessary for the use of energy from food and proper functioning of the nervous system and source of iron which contributes to normal cognitive development of the child.

About the company: NOUNOU (Greek: ΝΟΥΝΟΥ) is a Greek dairy brand, introduced in 1929, and owned by FrieslandCampina and its predecessors since 1983. It is headquartered in Marousi near Athens. Primarily known for sweetened condensed milk, a wide range of dairy products including fresh milk, powdered milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream is currently sold under the ΝΟΥΝΟΥ brand.

Instructions: Simply mix with some warm water and serve to/ feed your baby.

(Greek: φαρίν λακτέ)

Nounou - Farine Lactee (Babycrème) - 300g