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NOYNOY - Baby 5 Fruits Cream with Milk (Froutokrema) - 300g

NOYNOY - Baby 5 Fruits Cream with Milk (Froutokrema) - 300g

About the product : Nounou 5 Fruit Cream, made from wheat flour, banana, apple, orange, pear, apricot and milk, is a well-balanced complementary food for infants after the 6th month. It contains essential vitamins and trace elements in ideal proportions that help in the proper development of infants and young children. Contains gluten. It is worth knowing that NUNU Fruit Cream 5 fruits is: Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D that contribute to healthy bone development. Rich in Vitamins A and D which contribute to the good functioning of the immune system. Rich in Vitamin B2, essential for the utilization of energy from food, and a source of Iron which contributes to the normal cognitive development of the child.

Instructions: Simply mix with some warm water and serve to/ feed your baby.

Nounou - Babycrème met Melk en 5 Fruit (Froutokrema) - 300g