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Mythos - Lager Beer (bottle) - 6 x 330ml (pack)

Mythos - Lager Beer (bottle) - 6 x 330ml (pack)

About the product: Mythos beer was born in the 90s aka the coolest decade! 1997 was the first year of Mythos in the Greek market and it immediately gained rave impressions from consumers, breaking the status quo of other established beer choices in the Greek beer market by becoming a cool alternative.

The recipe of Mythos beer, was the result of combining the expertise of the Greek Master Brewer of “Mythos Brewery” with the accumulated know-how acquired by the Brewery due to its collaborations with major European beer schools such as the German, Irish, Danish and French. 

About the company: Mythos beer knows no borders, since it goes well beyond the Greek market. Being exported to more than 30 countries all over the world, it is the most famous Hellenic beer.

Instructions: Enjoy its freshness with your friends!

(Greek: μπύρα Μύθος μπουκάλι)

Item: 6 pack of 330ml bottles

Mythos - Lager Bier (fles) - 6 x 330ml (pak)