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Molto - Croissant Hazelnut Praline - 80g

Molto - Croissant Hazelnut Praline - 80g

About the product: Greece's most popular croissant is rich in chocolate filling. Molto Chocolate Croissant provides the daily energy boost that young people need to get them and keep them going. Molto croissants keep their freshness and taste and allow people on the move to enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

About the company: Molto is a brand of Chipita company, which was established in Greece in 1973 as a company producing and marketing savoury snacks. A few years later - in 1995 -  Chipita started to establish itself as the international company it remains today, either by setting up its own subsidiaries or by entering into partnerships.

Instructions: Enjoy this delicious croissant as breakfast or as a sweet every-day snack!

(Greek: κρουασάν με γέμιση πραλίνα φουντουκιού)

Molto - Croissant Hazelnoot Praliné - 80g