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Metaxa 12* - Brandy - 700ml

Metaxa 12* - Brandy - 700ml

A creation of the fifth Metaxa master, Constantinos Raptis. An exploration through a unique taste with a mature and distinctive character.

METAXA 12 STARS's mature and elegant character is best explored neat, on a single rock or in classic cocktails. Bartenders and mixologists enjoy to offer it in signature cocktails.

  • Metaxa 12 stars is the superior expression of the metaxa stars range
  • It embraces precious wine distillates, aged patiently in French limousin oak casks, and exquisite Muscat wines exclusively from the aegean island of samos, where grapes grow on garden-sized, terrace vineyards and are picked only by hand
  • A secret bouquet of may roses and Mediterranean herbs tops off this blend, created by metaxa master Costas raptis
  • Metaxa 12 stars is complex in aromas and rewarding on the palate, with elegant notes of toffee, chocolate and orange peel

Look: Radiant amber.
Sense: Orange peel, coffee, chocolate and toasted oak.
Taste: Elegant and fulfilling. Dry fruit, orange peel and hints of spices.
Aftertaste: Long and aromatic with hints of orange peel and spices.
Alcohol: 40%

So what is 12-Star Metaxa? What other star ratings are there? The star rating doesn’t refer directly to the quality of the product, but to the age of the youngest spirit in the bottle. Metaxa is a blend of spirits from different years, in the same way that sherry is a blend, and so the youngest spirit in 12-Star has been aged for at least twelve years. Some may have been aged even longer, but none less than twelve years.

The other two Metaxas in their regular range are 5-Star and 7-Star, so you can figure out that they contain spirits aged for at least five and seven years respectively. So while the number of stars isn’t a comment on how ‘good’ the spirits are, you would naturally expect the 12-star to be richer and more complex, thanks to the extra time in the barrel

Metaxa 12* - Brandewijn - 700ml