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Melissa - Whole Wheat Farfale (Fiogkaki) - 500g

Melissa - Whole Wheat Farfale (Fiogkaki) - 500g

About the product: Whole Wheat Farfale Melissa.  Melissa Whole Wheat Pasta brings you all the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet. They have rich taste as they are made from whole wheat. They are source of fiber, protein and are low in fat.

Ingredients: Whole durum wheat flour, water. It may contain traces of egg. For allergens see ingredients in bold.

About the company: The history of the company begins in 1947, when the first factory opens in Athens, Greece. In 1980 the pasta production unit is transferred from Athens to Larissa. Since then it constantly enriches its production with new products.

Instructions: This playful pasta is ideal for healthy pasta salads and is ideally entangled with rich sauces.

(Greek: φιογκάκι ολικής άλεσης)

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