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Makedoniki Aigaio - Hot Peppers - 340g

Makedoniki Aigaio - Hot Peppers - 340g

About the product: It has been scientifically proven that the red peppers are rich in vitamin C which contributes to the health of the human immune system. More specifically the red roasted pepper contains more than double  vitamin C than the orange does. As this product accompanies well many daily dishes, its routine consumption enriches the nutritional value of our daily food.

Ingredient list: Red pepperes, water, vinegar, salt, sugar

About the company: Aegean Food Exports has assumed this role since 1985. A pioneering Greek family business, exclusively export-oriented, it has been promoting Greek foods and beverages in 16 countries for over 25 years. Aegean Food Exports exports its goods to large markets in central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden and others).

Instructions: An excellent delicious greek dish. Its taste matches with caper, green olives, and garlic. Its taste also goes well with meat dishes etc. Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

(Greek: πιπεριές καυτερές)

Makedoniki Aigaio - Hete pepers - 340g