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Lacta - Milk Chocolate with Almonds - 85g

Lacta - Milk Chocolate with Almonds - 85g

About the product: The brand’s tagline says it all: “Lacta is the sweetest piece of your life.” In addition to the standard milk chocolate bar, there are many different forms and flavours of Lacta, including Oreo, hazelnut, and strawberry yogurt. Lacta bars remain among the best selling chocolate bars in Greece, thanks to the quality of its ingredients and marketing strategy

About the company: Lacta is a series of Greek chocolate products created in the 1960s by the Pavlidis confectioner, founded in 1841, in Athens, Greece. In 1991, Pavlidis company was sold to Kraft Foods Inc., which in turn was renamed Mondelez International.

Instructions: Simply enjoy anytime!

(Greek: σοκολάτα γάλακτος με αμύγδαλα)

Lacta - Melkchocolade met Amandelen - 85g