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Kyknos - Greek Concentrated Tomato Juice - 500g

Kyknos - Greek Concentrated Tomato Juice - 500g

About the product: Rich, thick tomato sauces have never had a better ally. In 500g paper pack. Concentrated tomato juice from 100% Greek tomatoes.

About the company: Etablished in 1915, Kyknos is one of the most loved and recognized brands in Greece. A family owned company famous for its canned tomato products. Kyknos selects and packs tomatoes grown in the region of Peloponnese under strict quality specifications.

Instructions: Suitable for your favorite recipes, such as flat or giant beans, lentils, but even for a home-made pasta sauce.

(Greek: ελαφρά συμπυκνωμένος χυμός τομάτας)

Kyknos - Grieks Geconcentreerd Tomatensap - 500g