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Krokos Kozanis - Greek Red Saffron - 1g

Krokos Kozanis - Greek Red Saffron - 1g

About the product: Filaments of red saffron in a jar. It is used in pharmacy, confectionery, cooking, cheese-making, distillery, even in painting. Byzantine artists used it considerably. In popular medicine it is used as a emmenagogue, antispasmodic and stimulant. Nowadays, it is still used extensively as a spice in various foods in every economically developed country, especially in Europe.

About the company:  The Cooperative of Saffron was founded in 1971.  It consists of 1,000 members and has the exclusive right to collect, pack and distribute Kozani saffron. The founding of the Cooperative created a body that has the complete responsibility of collecting, processing, packing and distributing the product in order to ensure its quality and to avoid the adulteration that was done by the traders in the past, resulting in the degradation and negative image of the product.

Instructions: Saffron can be used in various recipes of main dishes, drinks or sweet desserts.

(Greek: κρόκος Κοζάνης/σαφράν)

Krokos Kozanis - Griekse Rode Saffraan - 1g