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Knorr - Extra Flavor of Beef - 132g

Knorr - Extra Flavor of Beef - 132g

About the product: With Knorr Extra Flavor you can give a unique taste to all your recipes with a single movement! You can adjust the amount of broth you want to add to your recipe and you do not need to dilute it before adding it to the food. Sprinkle the food evenly, at any time of cooking, no matter how you cook: in the oven, grill, pot or pan.

About the company: Knorr's history began in 1838. However it was only 1960 when its products where imported in Greece and 8 years later, Knorr Hellas is established in Greece. Since then, the company supplies the Greek market with a great variety of products.

Instructions: For ready beef broth add 20g. Extra Flavor in 1 liter of boiling water. For a wonderful beef or any meat marinade, add a spoonful of Extra Beer Flavor powder, in a little olive oil, mix and spread the meat!

(Greek: έξτρα γεύση βοδινού)

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