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Kliafa - Sour Cherry Fizzy (Vyssinada) - 250ml

Kliafa - Sour Cherry Fizzy (Vyssinada) - 250ml

About the product: Kliafa Sour Cherry Drink is sweet, cool and one of our favorite flavors from our childhood years, containing natural juice from sour cherries. The authentic traditional recipe, the deep scarlet color, the extremely fruity taste, its intoxicating aroma and the ideal balance of soda makes it extremely tasteful.

About the company: The company Kliafa started the production of soft drinks in 1927 in Trikala, Thessaly, in a small bottling unit. The company's products offered a unique taste experience and quickly dominated the local market. From then until today, it continues to produce quality products, combining family tradition and technological innovations. With respect to the authenticity and the choice of raw materials, the company uses the same recipe with which Theodoros Kliafas bottled soft drinks for the first time, to offer coolness and enjoyment throughout Greece.

Instructions: The ideal beverage to cool you on hot summer days, but also to give you its freshness on a daily basis.

(Greek: βυσσινάδα / vissinada)

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