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Katsaros - Liqueur Watermelon - 700ml

Katsaros - Liqueur Watermelon - 700ml

Watermelon is the liqueur that tastes like Greek summer! It is made in Greece's oldest distillery in Tirnavos Mountain by Katsaros family. Watermelon is the mascot of the Greek summer and we can't get enough of it, so we make also a liqueur of it! This Greek watermelon liqueur has a balanced and delicious taste on the palate. Serve it in cold shots as a digestive beverage after a meal or with desserts. Try a drop of two into your homemade sweets and cakes and use some drops to give a Greek taste to your cocktails!

(Greek: λικέρ καρπούζι)

Katsaros - Likeur Watermeloen - 700ml