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Kandylas - Tahini Cocoa and Hazelnut - 300g

Kandylas - Tahini Cocoa and Hazelnut - 300g

About the product: Kandylas tahini spreads are created by mixing tahini with the most pure sweet ingredients. A light and soft feeling in your mouth with a strong tasteful flavor, that is going to surprise you. A unique superfood full of healthy ingredients, with flavors like cocoa, chocolate, honey, cocoa and hazelnuts, lemon and orange.

About the company: It is a company with a long tradition in the field of production of traditional products. This beautiful adventure in the journey of tradition was started by the great-grandfather of the current owner, Stylianos Kandilas, Ioannis Kandilas. Ioannis Kandylas came from Smyrna in Asia Minor and maintained a factory of tahini, petimezi, sesame oil and raisins.

Instructions: You can use as a sweet spread. It is also considered a perfect supplement to the famous Mediterranean diet.

(Greek: ταχίνι κακάο και φουντούκι)

Kandylas - Tahini Caca en Hazelnoot - 300g