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Kamvounia Mountains - Sideritis Tea - 40g

Kamvounia Mountains - Sideritis Tea - 40g

About the product: Sideritis, also known as ironwort, mountain tea, and shepherd's tea, is a genus of flowering plants well known for their use as herbal medicine, commonly as an herbal tea. They are abundant in Mediterranean regions, the Balkans, the Iberian Peninsula and Macaronesia, but can also be found in Central Europe and temperate Asia.

About the company: The organic cultivation of KAMVOUNIA tea takes place in an area of 10,000 square meters near the mountain area of Kozani and at an altitude of 600 meters. All work, weeding, plant care, harvesting and drying of the plants is done by hand. The drying process takes place according to natural and traditional methods in a dark, shady and  very well ventilated area.

Instructions: A tea that can boost your energy and immune system every morning.

(Greek: σιδερίτης)

Kamvounia Bergen - Sideritis Thee - 40g