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Giotis - Bechamel Sauce - 162g

Giotis - Bechamel Sauce - 162g

About the product: Homemade béchamel  sauce, easily, quickly and with 100% success. Just beat into cold milk for one minute and you will have a wonderfully tasty and light sauce. With its natural ingredients and the Giotis quality guarantee, your favourite foods such as pastichio, moussaka, au gratin dishes and soufflés are now even tastier. Mpesamel.

About the company: Ioannis and Maria Giotis’ initial goal when they founded the company in 1930 was to offer Greek children innovative, nutritious food made with pure ingredients from crops grown in Greece. From that day on, the company has never stopped innovating and adding new products to the market. Today, the company remains 100% Greek.

Instructions: You will only need some milk and/or water to make this delicious besamel sauce.

(Greek: μπεσαμέλ)

Giotis - Bechamelsaus - 162g