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Ion - Almond Chocolate - 100g

Ion - Almond Chocolate - 100g

About the product: This ION milk chocolate with almonds, is an all-time classic "Amygdalou" Greek chocolate. The elements of its success can be found in the combination of a very particular and characteristic taste of chocolate with the fresh, well-roasted almonds.

About the company: ION has been synonymous with chocolate for more than 85 years.
Still, what is it that lies behind your cherished ION? It’s rather simple, really: love for chocolate, commitment to quality, determination for innovation and a long, long history that goes back to the 1930s, when a team of partners created the company in Neo Faliro at Piraeus Street.

Instructions: Τhe ideal dessert that accompanies you throughout the day. No instructions needed for such a chocolate!

(Greek: σοκολάτα ΙΟΝ αμυγδάλου)

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